The 8th edition of our weekly Online Oware Beginners Practice Tournament 8901939, created by vou1 has been scheduled to start at 18.35 BST (17:35 GMT) on Wednesday 11th August 2021.
You can access the tournament Oware room via this link:

A seven round Swiss System will be used to manage the tournament. Each player has 7 mins + 2s to complete their moves per game. If you wish to participate you can register from 18:20 BST, 15 minutes to the scheduled starting time of 18:35 BST.

Please note once signed up if you leave the tournament room you will have to re-enter to sign up again for the tournament. Remember to see or send messages enable the chat window.

Allocate about 2 hours for the tournament. For those who want to just observe, just answer 'no' when prompted to sign up if you do not want to be included in the tournament. Looking forward to even more of you participating in this week’s tournament to exercise and develop your minds.