Good morning one and all, first of all I would like to thank everyone for showing there support for Your purchases and donations have been invaluable in helping us push forward to create new content and items for our site and we couldn't have done it without you, the groups and platforms that have brought us all together.
What do we sell?
If you didn't previously know I would like to introduce my new book uniquely illustrated by myself to better engage the youth with cartoon imagery. "Ethnique heros colouring book" has been designed to not only help them remember details of the characters but inspire them to develop characters of there own increase knowledge of self whilst developing the creative mind.

Also introducing my 54 deck of "Black History cards" that consist of cultural icons, inventors, events and more, delivered in bite sized portions to better help the learning process. Our cards were developed to inspire our youth and give those who are under represented in the curriculum something they can relate to and perhaps teach others.

Whats coming?

Volume II of our cards are currently in development, and as the process of creating the last book was so enjoyable i have begun working on a new small story called "Benjy wants to be" dedicated to my late cousin Benjamin, based on a little boy discussing what he would like to be when he grows up.

Again thank you for all for your support and interest in our development and I myself will also be contributing to help others grow as you have helped me.
Blessing to all my entrepreneurs and developers from all walks and aspects of life and may all your aspirations come to fruition.

Ithiel Campbell