Beautiful poem by Mário de Andrade (Sao Paulo 1893 - 1945) Poet, novelist, essayist and musicologist. One of the founders of Brazilian modernism
I counted my years and discovered that I now have less time left to live than I had lived until now.
I feel like the kid who won a pack of candy; He ate the first few with pleasure, but when he realized there were few left, he began to savor them deeply.
I don't have time for endless meetings where we discuss bylaws, rules, procedures and internal regulations, knowing that nothing will happen.
I no longer have time to put up with absurd people who, despite their chronological age, have not grown up.
My time is short to discuss titles. I want the essential, my soul is in a hurry...

Without many sweets in the package...

I want to live next to human people, very human. Who know how to laugh at their mistakes, who are not vain of their triumphs. People who don't consider themselves elected before their time, people who don't try to escape their responsibilities. I am looking for people who defend human dignity, people who only want to walk on the side of truth and honesty.
The essential is what makes life worth living.
*I want to surround myself with people who know how to touch people's hearts*...
People who have learned from the hard knocks of life to grow up with soft touches in their soul
Yes..., I am in a hurry..., I am in a hurry to live with the intensity that only maturity can give.
I intend not to waste any of the candy I have left... I am sure they will be more exquisite than the ones I have eaten so far.
My goal is to arrive at the end satisfied and at peace with my loved ones and with my conscience.
We have two lives and the second one starts when you realize that you have only one......