After working for myself within various businesses from retail to media agency and later civic and social advocacy, I wanted to do something selfish but for more than myself. After deep introspection, I had the download for SigmaCarta.

A melanated men's lifestyle resource to enable personal, spiritual and entrepreneurial development. I wanted to do something that I could bring my whole self to, including my acumen, experience, spiritual development and personal development as a man in order to connect the resource with
men of a similar ilk.

I realise we live in a time where men lack personal purpose like never before and that the societal attack on traditional masculinity has a lot of men lost and feeling depressed. I realised very quickly when this trend started that men invest a lot in our labels.

SigmaCarta is a Bible of sorts that deals with going beyond the ego, our labels and our external validation to go under the hood to unearth who we really are beyond our indoctrination, societal programming and traumas. How do we create a community that uses a number of structured tools
and enables men of a similar ilk to meet, network and collaborate?

After taking six months out to write, shoot video courses, interviews and after thousands of hours of conversation, SigmaCarta was born. I'm satisfied that this evolutionary resource will serve the targeted audience because it's exactly what I would have wanted 20 years ago and more importantly realise I can rely on it today at any stage I personally get lost.

We all belong to tribes and sigma men live to a large degree outside of the hierarchy of society by obeying the command of our spirits. This involves lifelong learning and self-improvement, which is the purpose of SigmaCarta.

It speaks to the compartmentalised mind of men, knowing that mind is all and enables users in the community to become more intentional and self-aware about each area of their lives. I wanted to solve a big societal problem and that problem addresses how we can go some way to aid mental
health and suicide issues.

Knowing that I personally am not attending events labeled mental health or suicide prevention meant delivering a creative and engaging way to interact with men. What we require is community, brotherhood, answers to our challenges and healthy engagement with positive peers. For me, this
answered all concerns about fostering positive mental health and self-value.

By applying my own oxygen mask first I hope I've started a movement that will evolve way beyond the value and impact that I envisaged at the start of this journey. Ultimately I bow to the fact that I'll be sharing ownership with a community of 1300 men, who will become contributors that I hope will end up delivering a multi-language resource (in the age of AI) to a global brotherhood with the desire to personally, spiritually and entrepreneurially grow beyond their current limitations.