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We have been programmed at a DNA level with malware, designed to keep us in a state of dysfunction. Unfortunately, due to the duration that we've been repeating the program we've become trapped in a loop.

This is why first we must be aware that we've been programmed to undervalue ourselves and secondly we must reward ourselves with a program of unlearn and relearn to put an anti-virus in place of the malware.

Only when a significant amount of men do this and operate from the same code and when none of the initiated will divert left or right from the doctrine will we be unified enough to totally adopt socio-economic life systems.

The SigmaCarta movement is seeking 1350 intentional men of a similar ilk to adopt common principles and values as men, who agree to lifelong learning and self-improvement.

We align through our podcasts, community live streams, in-person events, PDF and audiobooks, courses and seminars. Together our voices gain volume around our values in order to uphold, promote and preserve our culture.

We're committed to lifelong learning and self-improvement on an individual level and thereby become valuable delivery partners to each other.

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