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Blueberry Sea Moss Gel

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Blueberry Sea Moss Gel is a popular favourite, tastes incredible and is perfect to eat straight out of the jar, and will also compliment anything you add it to. Wildcrafted, freeze-dried, organic blueberry powder gives this product its lovely colour and added antioxidants. If you are a fan of the fruit or you just like the flavour, Blueberry Sea Moss Gel is the one for you.

Blueberry Sea Moss Gel Benefits
Blueberry powder and sea moss both contain dietary fibres which have the ability to prevent and relieve constipation.
Packed with numerous minerals and vitamins, including vitamin K which is essential in the blood clot process that plays a role in bone formation. The purple colour of blueberries comes from their anthocyanin properties which are complex antioxidants.
-Blueberry powder is a rich source of nutrients and contains beneficial plant compounds.
-Sea moss contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
-Contains varying amounts of iodine.
-Blueberry powder has the potential to control glucose levels.

Organic sea moss
Spring water
Wildcrafted dried bilberries

Product Information
Name: Blueberry Sea Moss Gel
Colour: Blue
Expiry: Use within 14 days

Our products will not cure any kind of illness or prevent any disease.
Orders are produced in a commercial kitchen in Haringey.

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