Life, Life, Life

We are surrounded by so much stuff - that is trying to permeate, break down, infiltrate. Yet in the midst of it all we have to nurture our spiritual wellbeing, and mental and emotional well-being

To this end, music is one of those catalysts that can heal and energise.

I had the pleasure of interviewing two dynamic people on Sunday on my show - On the Sofa with Esther on Robert Upchurch from The TRAMMPS and Chelly K the daughter of Jospeh Bell Norris an engineer who worked at Motown and who toured with The Temptations. Chelly K herself is an incredible Jazz and RnB vocalist.

With so many people sharing their stories, we get an insight into how humanity can overcome, can create, can stand tall and strong and from that what can emerge. Chelly shared her journey with domestic abuse and how her music was inspired and influenced by her journey. Robert talked about music being his passion and life, and the unity between the members of the group - The Trammps.

To this end, each story is fitting as we all fight to claim and hold onto our individuality, onto our identiy as people and as human beings and music is often the thread that can keep us sane and stable. Music can become the notes of our heart, and the words of our song to become the cause for which we fight.

Here is link to interview with Robert Upchurch from The TRAMMPS. More coming soon.

Last week I interviewed Gregory Williams from SWITCH and Brenda Wilson, the daughter of the legendary Jackie Wilson. More incredible souls still striving and moving forwards.

On that note, I urge you all to stand strong, to continue to build, create inside of self. To build that fortress of spiritual armour so that when the darkness comes, the light inside of you bwill pierce it.

Coming up on Sunday 17th I will be talking to
John Wilson from Sly, Slick and Wicked and
RnB Artist KENYA

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Many Blessings to you all