I am a storyteller, with more than twenty books in print. I particularly love storytelling to kids and that was why I created Auntie Mo Kids Radio (http://auntiemoradio.com) , four years ago. To again expand the reach and functionalities of this online learning resource for kids , you now have the new Auntie Mo Radio Superkids Magazine to keep your dear kids busy and out of harm's way during these unusual times. The purpose is to assist children gain some extra advantage in the competitive future and also give parents some useful advice on holistic upbringing of their children . The newest edition can be read at the following http://auntiemoradio.com/conte....nt/auntie-mo-superki And guess what , it is FREE.
But what is in this for you as a businessperson ?

We can help you sell kids' books , videos, audiobooks
We can help you sell whatever products or services that may be of interest to families.

Feel free to engage me in a chat to discuss your requirement.