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I am Anthony, the founder of Always An Alternative; a not for profit company created to challenge the mindset of young people around serious youth violence: knife crime, gun crime, gang culture and domestic violence. You can see more of what I do at

After 3 years of working with young people, parents/carers, communities and professionals I have witnessed a lot of people adopt the approach of ‘It won’t happen to me or mine’. However, I will never get over the chills that go down my spine when I’m told “I didn’t think it would happen to me” when a parent tells me that their child has been murdered. So, I thought I would write a book to bring to light the severity of knife crime.

One Knife Many Lives captures the hard-hitting story of those who feel the devastating impact of knife crime. Through personal experience and engagement with victims, the author gives you an insight into the challenges that many young people face depicting the brutal realities, while highlighting depression, domestic abuse, and suicide. Although this book is fictional, the dangers of knife crime are VERY REAL.

The unforgiving wrath of knife crime can strike anyone: early warning signs presented within this book should ring alarm bells for when proactive action is required. Don't pay attention and you could be saying, "I didn’t think it could happen to me".

Sean, a promising 17-year-old aerospace student becomes increasingly concerned by the regular news reports of fatal stabbings in his community. Things become too close to home when a friend is subjected to a horrific and senseless knife attack. In a desperate attempt to shake a future fuelled by fear, Sean decides to take life into his own hands by protecting himself.

Witnessing an unprovoked attack, Sean intervenes just in the nick of time. A knife is used and lives are torn apart. However, embedded deep within the heartache, remorse and grief, there is a glimmer of hope.

Additionally, I am dyslexic myself and understand how daunting reading can be, so I made my book as dyslexic friendly as possible. I achieved this by asking people with learning difficulties which font and font size they found the easiest to read. I also chose to use glossy paper as opposed to matt paper which is normally used in books as it promoted a more relaxed read for young people.

If you would like more information or would like to purchase a copy please get in touch. They cost £12 including delivery UK. Thanks ?.