Black Hebrews have no knowledge of their CREATOR GOD,
therefore, they are these DRY BONES!



Therefore my people are gone into captivity,

because they have no knowledge:

and their honourable men are famished,

and their multitude dried up with thirst.

Isaiah 5:13


They have no knowledge that set up the wood of their graven image,

and pray unto a god that cannot save.

Isaiah 45:20


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:

because thou hast rejected knowledge,

I will also reject thee

Hosea 4:6


Black Hebrews have no knowledge of their CREATOR GOD,

therefore, they are these DRY BONES!


There’s a song old as dirt about Dry Bones that make reference to Ezekiel 37th Chapter, and when one understands this book, it is realized that much truth is lost in the lyrics:


The head bone connected to the neck bone,
The neck bone connected to the back bone,
The back bone connected to the thigh bone,
The thigh bone connected to the knee bone,
The knee bone connected to the leg bone,
The leg bone connected to the foot bone,
Oh, hear the word of the Lord!


Though these lyrics speak about dry bones connected to other dry bones, the real significance of this song is diminishes in the joy of singing the song.  Nevertheless, there’s nothing to rejoice about given these dry bones.  GOD’s Prophet Ezekiel is prophesying about the Slave Trade of Israelites and their CAPTIVITY in White Supremacists lands.  And he is telling GOD’s Chosen to obey the LORD.  In that the Israelites have been subjugated, have lost their identity, and have assimilated among “heathens” (Lev. 26:33), they are the Dry Bones Ezekiel wrote about in his book.


When the word “Dry” is incorporated, we know there’s nothing nutritious about dry anything except for raisins, prunes, and other purposely dried fruits and herbs.  And when the ground is dry, we know we have a serious drought.  When women’s breasts are dry, nursing babies will suffer.  Dryness in this sense are all bad signs.  But none are as troubling and distressing as the Dry Bones of the Children of Israel.  These DRY BONES tell the story of the Children of Israel’s loss of everything, even their Land of Milk and Honey, their GOD of Israel, and their lives.  For millennia they have existed but not under their GOD-given Names, but rather by the names given them by ENSLAVERS and names they took from their ENSLAVERS.    


Please follow this Chapter with me, so that the true revelation of Ezekiel 37th Chapter may be realized and appreciated.  Though this Chapter is about Israel’s lack of Knowledge, it will end WONDERFULLY!  BUT, we, Dry Bones, have got to first WAKE UP!!! 


I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all: Neither shall they defile themselves any more with their idols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions: but I WILL SAVE THEM out of all their dwellingplaces, wherein they have sinned, and will cleanse them: SO SHALL THEY BE MY PEOPLE, AND I WILL BE THEIR GOD.   Ezekiel 37:22,23


Thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them. They cried unto thee, and were delivered: they trusted in thee, and were not confounded.”   Psalm 22:3 – 5


“Many sorrows shall be to the wicked: but he that trusteth in the LORD, mercy shall compass him about.   Psalm 32:10


It’s not necessary to cover the entire Chapter for the understanding, thereof, therefore, I’ll make mention of that which is of most import.  Allow me to first preface this Message by saying that these bones are not dead bones or dead people, as some might believe.  As I have written in the past, the CREATOR does not interact with the dead or find pleasure in death (Eze. 18:32).  Death is a CURSE, and the Israelite SEED has faced it from living in gross DARKNESS and IGNORANCE under Our CAPTORS. 


Let me be clear.  When we obey OUR GOD of Israel and worship ONLY HIM, HE will prolong our days (Deut. 4:40, 5:33).  No one will die and go to GOD’s Heaven, and no one has died and gone to GOD’s Heaven – not Abraham, Moses, King David, or any of the Prophets.  Dying and going to Heaven is a Christian belief that unfortunately will not materialize on “Faith”.


Jacob knew that at his death he would “go down into the grave” (Gen. 37:35).  Samuel, the man whose words GOD never allowed to fall to the ground (I Sam. 3:19) also died and was placed in a grave (I Sam. 28:15,19).  And also that which we must accept are GOD’s WORDS, Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return”.  That’s the bottom line!  So, again, these “DRY BONES” in Ezekiel are NOT dead bodies but living and breathing Israelites who are dead to knowledge of the CREATOR GOD, resulting from the worship of other gods.


Ezekiel 37th Chapter


My comments and other Passages added are in italics.


“The hand of the LORD was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the LORD, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones, And caused me to pass by them round about: and, behold, there were very many in the open valley; and, lo, they were very dry. And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord GOD, thou knowest.


GOD of Israel has put Ezekiel in the Spirit or rather a dreamlike state to see the EXILED DRY BONES of the Children of Israel.  After being scattered for over 2,400 years and after following the ways of their OPPRESSORS, they have no knowledge of their GOD and no knowledge of HIS Laws, Statutes, and Judgments.  Because the Israelites were disobedient and forsook the HOLY ONE, HE said they would worship other gods in their enemies’ lands.  And Ezekiel sees us in this White Supremacist World Order:


“The LORD shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods…”   Deuteronomy 28:64

“Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the word of the LORD. Thus saith the Lord GOD unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live: And I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring up flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and ye shall live; and ye shall know that I am the LORD. So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone. And when I beheld, lo, the sinews and the flesh came up upon them, and the skin covered them above: but there was no breath in them. Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.


These DRY BONES are the Black Hebrews in CAPTIVITY, and OUR GOD of Israel is using Ezekiel to make us know that the sinews, flesh, and the breath will give us life.  However, from reading GOD’s WORDS it is evident that the sinews, flesh, and breath are a metaphor for the keeping of HIS LAW, which gives us prolonged life if we observe it.  This generates knowledge of GOD and HIS WAYS.  It’s different than when GOD gave life to Adam.  This LIFE mentioned in Ezekiel entails GOD and HIS LAW.


I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for HE IS THY LIFE, and the length of thy days: that thou mayest dwell in the land which the LORD sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.”   Deuteronomy 30:19,20


“So I prophesied as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an EXCEEDING GREAT ARMY. Then he said unto me, Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel: behold, they say, Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost: we are cut off for our parts. Therefore prophesy and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, O my people, I will open your graves, and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land of Israel. And ye shall know that I am the LORD, when I have opened your graves, O my people, and brought you up out of your graves, And shall put my spirit in you, and ye shall live, and I shall place you in your own land: then shall ye know that I the LORD have spoken it, and performed it, saith the LORD.


When GOD of Israel exiled the Nation of Israel, HE cast us into the “Four Corners of the Earth”, and from 400BCE unto these days, the Children of Israel have multiplied exponentially (Genesis 22:17) and are existing all over these White Supremacist Nations that took us as Slaves.  Under these circumstances we would be this “Exceeding Great Army”, i.e. - the Israelites destined to RETURN under GOD’s LAW.


For in mine holy mountain, in the mountain of the height of Israel, saith the Lord GOD, THERE SHALL ALL THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, ALL OF THEM IN THE LAND, SERVE ME: there will I accept them, and there will I require your offerings, and the firstfruits of your oblations, with all your holy things. I will accept you with your sweet savour, when I bring you out from the people, and gather you out of the countries wherein ye have been scattered; and I will be sanctified in you before the heathen.”   Ezekiel 20:40,41

“The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying, Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions: And join them one to another into one stick; and they shall become one in thine hand. And when the children of thy people shall speak unto thee, saying, Wilt thou not shew us what thou meanest by these? Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand.


As everyone might know, King Solomon asked GOD of Israel for “Understanding to Judge HIS People”.  But King Solomon loved so many Strange women, Canaanites and Israelites, that they turned his heart from GOD of Israel and had him worshipping their gods.  For punishment, GOD divided the Nation of Israel into two (I Kings 11:9-11).  


If you recall, Jacob took Joseph’s two sons for his own, possibly because Reuben lost his Firstborn Right after lying with Jacob’s wife, Bilhah (Genesis 35:22).  After the Nation of Israel was divided due to King Solomon’s idolatry, Ephraim, Joseph’s Firstborn, became the Firstborn of Jacob-Israel.  And Judah, the Seed of King David, and Ephraim, the Seed of other Israelites, were constantly at odds.  This division caused much jealously and strife between them.  Now, the GOD of Israel is awakening the Dry Bones of these two Israelite Nations to become ONE IN HIS HAND.    

“And the sticks whereon thou writest shall be in thine hand before their eyes. And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land: And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; AND ONE KING SHALL BE KING TO THEM ALL: AND THEY SHALL BE NO MORE TWO NATIONS, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all:


At that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the LORD; and all the nations shall be gathered unto it, to the name of the LORD, to Jerusalem: neither shall they walk any more after the imagination of their evil heart. In those days the house of Judah shall walk with the house of Israel, and they shall come together out of the land of the north to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers.”   Jeremiah 3:17,18


But ye, O mountains of Israel, ye shall shoot forth your branches, and yield your fruit to my people of Israel; for THEY ARE AT HAND TO COME. For, behold, I am for you, and I will turn unto you, and ye shall be tilled and sown:   Ezekiel 36:8,9

Neither shall they defile themselves any more with their idols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions: but I will save them out of all their dwellingplaces, wherein they have sinned, and will cleanse them: SO SHALL THEY BE MY PEOPLE, AND I WILL BE THEIR GOD. And DAVID MY SERVANT shall be king over them; and they all shall have ONE SHEPHERD: they shall also walk in my judgments, and observe my statutes, and do them. And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob my servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their children’s children for ever: and my servant David shall be their prince for ever.


And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again THE SECOND TIME to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea. And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.   Isaiah 11:11,12


Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth. In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that they shall no more say, The LORD liveth, which brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt; But, The LORD liveth, which brought up and which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country, and from all countries whither I had driven them; and they shall dwell in their own land.   Jeremiah 23:5 - 9

Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them; IT SHALL BE AN EVERLASTING COVENANT WITH THEM: and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore. My tabernacle also shall be with them: yea, I will be their God, and they shall be my people. And the heathen shall know that I the LORD do sanctify Israel, when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for evermore.”  Ezekiel 37:26 - 28


In that day will I make a covenant for them with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven, and with the creeping things of the ground: and I will break the bow and the sword and the battle out of the earth, and will make them to lie down safely. And I will betroth thee unto me for ever; yea, I will betroth thee unto me in righteousness, and in judgment, and in lovingkindness, and in mercies. I WILL EVEN BETROTH THEE UNTO ME IN FAITHFULNESS: AND THOU SHALT KNOW THE LORD.  Hosea 2:18 - 20


According to the word that I covenanted with you when ye came out of Egypt, so my spirit remaineth among you: fear ye not. For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts.   Haggai 2:5 - 7


The “Old Testament” Hebrew Scriptures are not as difficult to understand as you think when we follow what “Thus Saith the LORD” GOD of Israel.  HE makes HIS WORDS and HIS INTENTIONS PLAIN and SIMPLE for us to understand.  It’s not like the “New Testament” that promises People life after death and a highway to Heaven.  As far as the CREATOR GOD is concerned, that will never happen, for there is no WORD of GOD to corroborate this claim.  Jacob knew he would be buried, and Samuel made it known that he went to his grave after death.  My People, we have to be re-educated and by OUR GOD of Israel and HIS WORDS of Righteousness – not by Christians who wrote and published the “New Testament” on imaginations.  The “New Testament” has no Ways of Righteousness and neither does it teach Ways of Righteousness.  The Church teaches living by “Faith”, which has done nothing for anyone for the CREATOR destroys the wicked – faith or not.  This is evident given the Hell on Earth and the Hell in the Church.  The CREATOR GOD, OUR MAKER Commands living by HIS Righteous Book of the Law, and at the end of the day, HE will have it HIS WAY.


I will bring you out from the people, and will gather you out of the countries wherein ye are scattered, with a mighty hand, and with a stretched out arm, and WITH FURY POURED OUT. And I will bring you into the wilderness of the people, and there will I plead with you face to face. Like as I pleaded with your fathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, so will I plead with you, saith the Lord GOD. And I will cause you to pass under the rod, and I will bring you into the bond of the covenant: And I will purge out from among you the rebels, and them that transgress against me: I will bring them forth out of the country where they sojourn, and they shall not enter into the land of Israel: and ye shall know that I am the LORD.  Ezekiel 20:34 - 38


Please do not presume to think that I want to be a leader over Israelites.  I beg you perish the thought.  I will never forget how it was that rebellious Black Hebrew Israelites were the very reason Moses could now lead them into Canaan Land.  In his anger at the uncontrollable Israelites, Moses forgot to sanctify the GOD of Israel in the midst of the Children of Israel as he brought water from the rock for them to drink (Deut. 32:49-51).  I will not let this happen to me, for I know the evil hearts of the Children of Israel. 


My ultimate desire is that we will come together under the umbrella of GOD’s Book of the Law and serve and worship HIM in Truth and in Righteousness with willing hearts.  All GOD’s Prophets speak of HIS GATHERING us out of this World-Wide CAPTIVITY.  Hence, I do not need to be a leader, and besides OUR GOD has said that HE will put HIS LAW in our hearts (Jer. 31:31-34).  My purpose is to publish GOD’s WORD with hopes it will generate interest to LEARN THE TRUTH about the CREATOR GOD and HIS Righteous Book of the Law.  And the sooner we Dry Bones awake to GOD’s TRUTH, the sooner HE will return us to our own Land. 


We have been Dry Bones, a People void of knowledge of the CREATOR GOD that chose us and made an Everlasting Covenant with us to be HIS People.  The White Supremacist ENSLAVERS gave us JC and for a very good reason.  They invented this man-god knowing that it would keep us in darkness and sustain the DRY BONES prophesied by Ezekiel.  They also knew that their JC would be the distraction they needed to keep us dumb as rocks and as far away from the CREATOR GOD as possible.    


In that we are in the “LATTER DAYS”, we want to be circumspect, reason being in these days of GOD’s JUDGMENTS, we need to be able to CALL Upon HIM and HE hear us when we CRY OUT for HELP.  Therefore, if you do not have the CREATOR GOD of the “Old Testament” as your ONE True and Living GOD and SAVIOR, as did the Children of Israel, you might have a problem.  Keep in mind that JC does not seem to be GOD’s choice, and if HE were, GOD of Israel would have mentioned him just as HE mentioned Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Again, my efforts are to WAKE UP My Black Hebrew Family, the DRY BONES spoken of by GOD’s Prophet Ezekiel, for there will only be a Remnant spared to return to our heritage.  So, do some test runs to be sure your god of choice will respond on time and mercifully ward off your enemies, as the GOD of Israel did for HIS Covenant People. 


Samuel spake unto all the house of Israel, saying,

If ye do return unto the LORD with all your hearts,

then put away the strange gods

I Samuel 7:3


They took strong cities, and a fat land, and possessed houses full of all goods,

wells digged, vineyards, and oliveyards, and fruit trees in abundance:

so they did eat, and were filled, and became fat, and delighted themselves

in thy great goodness. Nevertheless they were disobedient,

and rebelled against thee, and cast thy law behind their backs,

and slew thy prophets which testified against them to turn them to thee,

and they wrought great provocations. Therefore thou deliveredst them

into the hand of their enemies, who vexed them: and in the time of their trouble,

when they cried unto thee, thou heardest them from heaven;

and according to thy manifold mercies thou gavest them saviours,

who saved them out of the hand of their enemies. But after they had rest,

they did evil again before thee: therefore leftest thou them

in the hand of their enemies, so that they had the dominion over them:

yet when they returned, and cried unto thee, thou heardest them from heaven;

and many times didst thou deliver them according to thy mercies;

And testifiedst against them, that THOU MIGHTEST BRING THEM AGAIN UNTO THY LAW:

yet they dealt proudly, and hearkened not unto thy commandments,

but sinned against thy judgments, (which if a man do, he shall live in them;)

and withdrew the shoulder, and hardened their neck, and would not hear.

Yet many years didst thou forbear them, and testifiedst against them

by thy spirit in thy prophets: yet would they not give ear:

therefore gavest thou them into the hand of the people of the lands.

Nevertheless for thy great mercies' sake thou didst not utterly consume them,

nor forsake them; for thou art a gracious and merciful God.

Nehemiah 9:25 – 31



The LawKeepers of GOD (YHWH)




FEBRUARY 1, 2023





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