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About SeaMossIsLife

SeaMossIsLife was established in 2019 after receiving interest from a photo of raw sea moss and sea moss gel we uploaded to Instagram. We did not expect it to evolve into a fully functional business, orders came from friends and family then momentum kicked in. We were called Seamoss London but after researching about sea moss and learning about its history, its application uses, its possibilities as a source of food here in the West, we had to change the name. Whilst reading a book on aquaculture, sea moss is life, was muttered and that was it, sea moss is life was our new name. The species we source and import is from the pristine waters of St Lucia and goes by the name Kappaphycus alvarezii. A nutrient-dense sea moss with an abundance of vitamins and minerals, this variety is well known for its kappa carrageenan properties which is a by-product of sea moss. Our products contain 100% sea moss, spring water and any organic flavouring you wish to add. It is a convenient made to order supplement which can easily be added to your daily routine. If this is your first time consuming sea moss gel you are in safe hands. Hope you enjoy our products and please contact us for any information you may want to know concerning allergies, the products we add or popular flavours. brThank you for your time. brFreddy Moss.