WhatsApp TikTok: #STEMPower1
WhatsApp TikTok: #STEMPower1 Nov 06

WhatsApp TikTok: #STEMPower1

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Kwaku leads a review of STEM and invention-focused WhatsApp & Tik Tok videos & what we can or should learn from them.

WhatsApp TikTok: #STEMPower1

No long thing - just some nice vibes for you, family and friends to sit through one session and watch some of the videos that came to us over the last year or so via WhatsApp or Tik Tok, which speak to Africans engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and inventions from antiquity, ahead of World STEM Day on Nov. 8 2023.

Watch and be inspired. Make sure the young ones that ought to be on this call, are!

Curated and led by Kwaku BBM, the audience are welcome to talk about some of their favourite videos and why. Where possible, if you know the URL, we'll go to the link, so that we can all see what you're talking about! Moderated by community environment activist Sis Nana Asante.

A family-friendly event organised by BTWSC/African Histories Revisited, BBM/BMC (BritishBlackMusicMusic.com/Black Music Congress) and TAOBQ (The African Or Black Question).

06-Nov-2023 - 18:30 Start date
06-Nov-2023 - 20:30 End date
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