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It's the Summer of Love here at Reggae Uprising Podcast! We've been giving back all the love received through our Summer Series.

June : Exodus Edition
July : Self Heling Series
August : Keep the Fire Blazin

As you can see August will be no different! We will shining a spotlight on Reggae artists whose mission it is to empower, enlighten and uplift the next generation.

We must start this month as we mean to go on and who better to ignite that fire than Pressure Buss Pipe! He shares his 7 inspirational Reggae selections with us alongside his stories of heritage, growth, musical journey, covid experience and positive vibrations.

Music is vital in nourishment of the soul, making it imperative that our community supports these artists works for future generations.

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A rundown of a few contemporary reggae hits BUBBLING their way to a dancehall near you, if not already. Fulljoy!

Guys, I would be truly grateful if you can take a look at my video. I loved this riddim so much, I had to do my own take on it. Bless up!

3 yrs ·Youtube

3 yrs ·Youtube