Building your community on frontroom

It is important to engage with your community no matter the platforms you are on so here are some tips on building your community here on frontroom whether it's for your business, organisation, charity, or your personal brand.

Welcome to the frontroom Revolution - The platform for change! 

frontroom's mission is to get our community helping each other through connecting, building, conversing, and sharing, so be creative, informative, educate, inspire and most of all uplift each other and of course have fun. We must not hold each other back, we must elevate each other.

We understand the pain and sadness you feel when we are made to look like violent thugs, dangerous people, chips on our shoulders,  the bottom end of society, and the list go on but we are not what the mainstream media and government portray us to be and this platform will be for us and others to see that. We are not here to separate we are here to celebrate and there's nothing wrong with that!

Getting Started!

1) Setup Profile - Please make sure you style up your profile, so people can feel to connect with you

2) Follow, follow, follow, it is important to follow the people, businesses, organisations etc who interest you, who post and comment regularly if you are not following anyone this place will be a lonely place to be, you most likely won't see anyone online.

3) Engage, comment, post, and share, this is very important to building a community that is supporting each other, log in every day to see what's happening and join in the conversations

4) Free your mind - Please change your mindset if you have not done so already - This is platform is not here to take you away from other platforms you may be used to but it is here as an alternative and everyone is welcome as long as they want to be a part of a platform dedicated to building, uplifting, inspiring and supporting the black community.


For Businesses, Organisations Charities

If you look at many successful companies, brands, individuals, or businesses they have a thriving community attached to the product or services they provide. It goes beyond the desire to create repeat purchases or brand loyalty. Intrinsically a sense of community is what we desire as humans – well, most of us. Companies that succeed in this respect exist in many different sectors: the Apple community has been integral to that brand’s success, the same could be said of those who feel just as fervently about Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Black-owned businesses should be looking at building their brand across multiple platforms including creating a brand page or group here on create a black-owned business page where you will find a community whose main priority is looking to support black-owned businesses, organisations and brands. Creating a community around your products or services if executed well can turn a small brand into a phenomenally successful one. However, it is not simply a case of working through a checklist and boom there it is! You have a community it takes time and people appreciate, respect, and are more likely to attach to you when you take time to engage with them. Below are 6 tips to help you on your way.

How do you build a community? – 6 tips

1. Content Rules

You will need to create Content for your community on a regular basis and let your desired community members know the reasons for the community. Explain how the community can interact with you the hosts and with each other. Decide how it will be moderated and what are the best uses of the community.

2. People respond to consistency

Posting regularly is great but be consistent in your communications, don't bombard them with information it's quality over quantity and make sure what you post is consistent with the message, ethos or profile you want to project.

3. Customer Service

Deliver excellent customer service to your community but also to all of your customers and those who make inquiries. 

4. Ability to Surprise

A good community has the ability to surprise and delight its members. This community should not be a platform used only for promotional offers. Your objective must be to deliver value to your members and to interact with them.

5. Interaction Engagement

A key feature of any community is the amount of interaction and engagement – not just with the host but also with each other within the community. Build-in flexibility to accommodate user generated features and you will reap the rewards. 

6. Above and Beyond

Start with the mindset that you will go above and beyond the norm in an approach that both Napoleon Hill and Zig Ziglar famously referred to as ‘going the extra mile’ and you will give your community every chance of future success.

Welcome to frontroom please enjoy your stay!



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Munira Folayan-Folami 3 yrs

Brilliant advice Master Jay ...

william james 4 yrs

Reality is that we will always go through something
being black is not a curse it is a blessing
as a child I would never look white people in the face
now as a man I see the fear in their eyes when I look at them
Thank to my Grand father who told me a long time ago
hold your head up and always look them (white people) in the face
To my brother and sisters on BlackChat. rich or poor
I quote from 2pac (KEEP YOUR HEAD UP). We have already
won this battle .

Killerwatt 4 yrs

Black Economics has been contacted to see if there are any black-owned businesses who would like to trial space in a major UK department store - (John Lewis) to sell your products in shopping centres with high footfall.

Dates we are looking at are the weeks beginning 12th October and 19th October. You can do one week, or more.

The space would be a Pop up Store for one week at a cost of £300+vat per week. Or price could be cheaper if you share a space with another business.

Products can be Fashion, Cosmetics, Art, Furnishings, Toys, Food (pre-packaged).

If you are interested, or know another business who would be, please contact Dawn on 07960 932 860, drop an email to

SimonSays 4 yrs

Greetings melanated Kings and Queens. I'm too blessed to be stressed and therefore living in positivity and happiness. I'm an independent associate for wearable neurotechnology products and passionate about health and wellness. I'm hoping to spread the word about the products but also would like to partner with others to spread knowledge that will protect our people in these challenging times. I'm growing a weekly Zoom platform on Tuesdays at 7.00pm so if you have a product or service and would like to present please WhatsApp me on 07506 874 483.
Hope to participate more regularly to support this platform. Great idea and a long time coming!

Jay McCoy 4 yrs

Black peoples black power , more Knowlege ???✊?✊?✊?

Sogah Family TV 4 yrs

Please is there a video so i can share this, or how do i share this out on lets say whatsapp as my friend just asked me.