Moringa Tea For Health

A health tip that I'd like to share with the black community

During this pandemic, we've had to come to terms with many different things. Mental health has been a concern especially in the black community where we often try to sweep that under the rug. Our overall health is also a concern and one has had further need to work alongside the health authorities even more than before. The implications of sloppiness when it comes to personal health are even more pending than ever from the year of 2020. 

I would like to tell you lot about something that I started taking about a month ago that I thought was useful and perhaps worth considering as part of one's daily health routine.




A friend of mine had told me about it a while ago and said that her son had lost beaucoup weight by drinking it daily. I didn't pay it too much mind as I was trying other things at the time and I didn't want to confuse my system but I contined to bear it in mind. I thought that it was exclusive to the West Indies (perhaps Jamaica) but in all honesty, anything one finds in the West Indies can surely be found in Asia or Africa.

Upon my dallies through a West African store, I saw that there were packets being sold there. Some were of the powdered form and others were of the seeds themselves. I bought a couple of bags of the powdered form to try.


Preparation process:


I boil about 8 ounces of water and then add a teaspoon and a half of the Moringa powder. I drink it down as soon as possible. There are usually some residues of it once done and I haven't gotten round to figuring out how to get those to dissolve completely. If push comes to shove, one can just pour some more hot water in and drink the remaining granules at the bottom of the drinking utensil (in my case a mug).

I try to drink at least two cups of moringa tea a day. Sometimes if I've gone to the gym (I always lift heavy weights at the gym which is more taxing on one's immune system than regular cardiovascular exercise), I'll drink an extra cup after showering.




My energy is more consistent and I don't get quite as hungry. I drink it before breakfast and I'm usually able to stave off eating until noon (my workday starts at 8:00am but I'm up around 7:30am or so). I also have better wood (waking up with consistent stiffies) and I'm going to try a powerful former go to of mine (Irish Sea moss) to see wha' gwan. Someone told me it's good for diabetics and for those with high blood pressure (which aren't conditions I suffer from, thank goodness). It's also good for counter those little aches and pains one may get. They said it helps with inflammation and such things. 

I've been taking it for a month now and I'll continue to keep you all posted with any further findings. Now off to sip on some Irish Sea Moss! 

Mista H

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