Franklin kington
how are you,. I specialise in Teacher/Mentor Educator/Public Speaker, My website is or www.membby/frankie-kington, Iets give our children
hope through our actions. I am working on some exciting projects at the moment and filming with Greater Manchester police on the 28th September so will keep you informed. I am looking to inspire leaders in our community and Entrepreneurs,I feel its time we all stood up to make a difference in our communities, its important we as Role models start to make a difference in our childrens lives and Inspire Black Leaders to make a difference.Our Children are feeling quite anxious at the moment so lets reassure them the futures bright. What are we doing in our communities,always looking to link up with some like minded brothers/sisters who share the same passion.I look forward to talking to you all,would love some feedback. Warmest Wishes !fk