Heavenly Father Our God
We are so Grateful to You for Blessing us with this Gift of Life.

Father We pray for those who don't know or unsure about You.
Some of them think Life is so Great only living for material things.
We live for some of these material things, however You God are at the forefront of all we do, Father when You are in the Driving seat Life is Awesome.

Our God does not behave like a sugar daddy giving us all we want.
He gives onto us when we are ready and Able to handle.

Sadly some will say Oh God why did You make my car get broken into or why You never made me get that Job.
Please note he is our god not Your servant and I believe he tends to help those who help themselves.
Don't confuse the things of man with the power of God

Father we pray
for those who have recently found You let Your Love Shine thru them from now till You call them home.
For those who people we have in our life that enhance it and make our little part of the world a better place.
Thank You for all those Great people Yet to come into our life who are walking on a path that will cross ours any day soon.

Father My/Our Faith in You is Strong and Pure and if There is room in my/Our Life We ask You to come in some more

We ask You to help those that don't know to " Let Go and Let God as You will be delivered

Father as Always We ask You to Guide, Protect and Direct Us All as We Leave All in Your Mighty Hands