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Bladderwrack & Burdock Sea Moss Gel

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Bladderwrack is an iodine-rich seaweed that is brown in colour and comes from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and also occasionally the North Sea, Baltic Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the highest iodine-containing sea vegetables and is often used in traditional medicine for issues such as thyroid dysfunctions. Bladderwrack and Burdock Sea Moss Gel is a great combination of ingredients and a lovely iodine-rich supplement. Recently sea moss has been called a superfood, one of the reasons being that it is a vegan, gluten-free source of varied nutrients.

Burdock root has been used to treat skin conditions like acne and eczema and to remove toxins from the body. It is also packed with antioxidants like phenolic acids and luteolin.

A common ingredient in the treatment of blood purification. This root is also popular in Asian culture and also contains multiple types of powerful antioxidants.

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