Our Vision
“We seek a world where people of African Caribbean origin are treated with dignity and respect and are treated fairly and equally to people from other parts of the world. “

Our Mission
"Our prime purpose is to improve the life chances, opportunities and experiences of African Caribbean communities and local people"

We Aim
To make a positive impact on the quality of life for local people, by delivering culturally appropriate services that are efficient and effective in meeting the changing needs of our diverse community.

To directly deliver quality services within a range of key areas that improve life opportunities including care of vulnerable people, education, health and wellbeing, training and creating voluntary and paid employment opportunities.

Our Values demand that we provide:
Commitment to the people of Sandwell and support vulnerable people to achieve their full potential

Openness and transparency in our operations and governance

Accessibility to all communities and where necessary remove barriers to enhance participation

Culturally sensitive services that recognise differences and promotes dignity

Help and support to preserve our heritage and pride, enabling us to be community champions and custodians of African Caribbean culture.

The Board of West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre