Heavenly Father thank you for opening our eyes on this Blessed day.
Father we thank you for so many blessings that come in all shapes and sizes.
We thank you for our families and friends.
Father we know it's hard to see that light at the end of the tunnel, when we are at our lowest and start questioning our faith. I know You understand father but sometimes we need your helping hand as your children we need to be reassured.
We can not see oxygen but we never stop trying to breathe father you know us, we all have weights to carry however our faith tells us that my load Will Never Exceed my Strength as You do not work like that.
Father we pray for those in the poorer parts of the worlds.
Father we Pray for the Families of those whom You have recently called home.
Father we pray for the Families of those who are at the departure gate of Life.
Father bless those families Keep them together and strong.
Father we pray for those who are sick right now or Sick long term.
Father we pray for those Sick of the Mind or Sick in the heart.
Father thank You for the love You bestow on us very day in many ways.
Bless those Families who will today eat together, those in Kitchen sharing your Love in the food they are preparing and may that food bless those who eat it.
Father Bless those who eat alone today for whatever reason
As in the cycle of Life Father
There is a Time to be Born and a time to Die
There is a time Laugh and a Time to Cry
A time to be awake an a time sleep
A time to fast and a time to eat in all these times Father there is YOU.
Father We Let Go and Let You Always
Father we ask You to Guide, Direct and Protect us All