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My name is Lyttanya Shannon and I’m directing a documentary for the BBC , about the experience of the children of the windrush generation in the British education system, during the 1960s and 1970s. During this time, black children were 4 x more likely to be sent to special schools, known back then as schools for the “educationally subnormal”. These startling disparities were often caused by racist assumptions and attitudes towards black children. It had a profound effect and prevented many from achieving their full potential.

We’d like to include an element in the film that explores the experience of young black children and teenagers in today’s schools, to find out how they feel about their race in the context of education. We’re looking for a variety of ages, between 8 and 16, and would ideally like to film next week or the week after.

The film is being executive produced by Oscar winning director Steve McQueen, and by James Rogan, Director of Stephen Lawrence: The Murder that Changed a Nation.

If you would be interested in your child taking part, and to find out more information, please email the researcher for the project Beya@roganproductions.net or text +44 7538 712227.

We will film at a social distance, ideally in an outdoor space - and your child will need to be chaperoned by a legal guardian or responsible adult.

Many thanks,