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Here's a poem for you

Time to...

Use the time between when you're born and when you die,
to seek God and ask for help to understand your why.
Tend to your life like a garden and plant good seeds.
Feed what needs to be fed and uproot the weeds.
Take the time to kill an argument with love and grace.
Make the time to heal a rift and put a smile on a face.
Tear down the things that harm us and destroy our souls.
Build bridges with each other to achieve our goals.
Sometimes things will just affect you, take the time to weep.
Also laugh at yourself and don't go too deep.
Before it's time to mourn, while you have the chance,
if you have a spouse, ask them if they'd like to dance.
Share what you have with many people, the way you scatter stones,
then when it's time to gather them they'll bring a warmth to your bones.
Embrace every issue you're currently facing.
Take the chance with every issue you refrain from embracing.
Search for what to give up, what you need to stay,
what it is you need to keep and what you have to throw away
When you have to shed a tear take the time to mend,
take your time and be silent then go and speak to a friend
Love your neighbour as yourself, make your ego wait.
The things the Lord hates are the things to hate.
Bring the war to the enemy as you increase.
Bring your heart to the Father, He will give you peace.

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