Grand Rising All

I hope your week is going well.

Please can you assist me?

Power to our Mothers Foundation Africa, a non-profit organisation of which I am a Founding Member, is currently seeking to engage EXPERIENCED Fundraisers to help advance one of our projects to build a multi-purpose, maternal-driven and progressive village in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, West Africa.

The land upon which the village is being built covers some 2,000 acres and we have started cultivating and growing vegetables on it.

We have a funding page already set up and are willing to discuss alternative means of raising funds.

We are seeking to work with up to 3 candidates who can demonstrate that they have raised sums of £10,000 or more for other ventures or causes.

These positions are being offered on a COMMISSION-ONLY basis, with commissions being paid at a rate of 10-25%, depending on the amount actually raised.

Full details of the vision of the village we are building are set out at the bottom of this post.

If you have a genuine interest in being considered for the above Fundraising positions, kindly send an email with your CV and a cover letter to us at, stating 'Vacancy' in the subject heading.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day ??


VISION of the Power to our Mothers Foundation Africa Village

1. Mothers and their families who are on or below the poverty line, are housed securely, so they have peace of mind, enabling them to focus on identifying and utilising their skills and strengths to become self-sufficient;

2. We cultivate organic food, crops and animals, and the residents eat what we cultivate. This will contribute to better health and reduce the ever-increasing burden on doctors' surgeries, hospitals and pharmacies;

3. Women and children who are suffering or have suffered from physical, sexual or other forms of abuse and who need refuge and assistance, are accommodated and rehabilitated so that they can live comfortably and unearth their competencies and talents to contribute to pushing the frontiers of Ghana and Africa’s development. This will reduce the burden on departments like The Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit in Ghana, which often lacks the required resources to deal with the growing number of reported cases of domestic violence;

4. A training facility provides Mothers with opportunities to learn various skills to either become successful entrepreneurs or obtain gainful employment, again, assisting them to become self-sufficient and enabling them to provide a better future for themselves and their children;

5. Mothers and Mother-figures manufacture sanitary products to be sold at a lower price than those currently on the market. This will prevent or reduce the number of:

- women and girls who have or abort unwanted pregnancies as a result of having intercourse in order to be able to afford these products; and

- girls who miss days at school because they cannot afford the sanitary products which will enable them to attend school with dignity.

Proceeds from the sale of those products goes back to the Foundation to help more Mothers and Mother-figures empower themselves.

They would also produce industrial goods, such as soaps and clothing, that would be traded in Ghana, Africa and the rest of the world. We will leverage the African Continental Free Trade Zone to boost the industrialisation aspirations of Ghana and Africa;

6. A holistic wellness centre which treats ailments as naturally as possible using various means including nutrition and herbal remedies, reducing any unnecessary dependence on chemical drugs where possible;

7. Ghanaians and Africans in the Diaspora are welcomed and housed to live and integrate with the native population as if they were one and the same, so they can (re)learn their culture and heritage whilst helping to support Mothers, their families and the economy. This will reduce the number of Diasporans who have unfortunately lost money through investments or been defrauded whilst seeking to acquire land or property in Ghana;

8. Coaching, counselling and mentorship are provided to support the empowerment of Mothers and children, on a mental and emotional level, to become more confident and purpose-driven people; and

9. Mother Nature is embraced and preserved as much as possible through the use of natural, eco-friendly sources of power and by keeping our first Mother, Mother Earth, as clean and organic as possible.