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Strawnilla Sea Moss Gel

Here we have infused two popular flavours, strawberry and vanilla.
Strawberry is definitely a winner by itself so we were half way there when experimenting with this gel. With the added vanilla.......Wow!'s amazing. The flavours truly compliment each other and the gel tastes awesome.

The organic dried powder we use is 100% freeze dried and maintains all of the taste of the original fruit. Along with the preservation of the flavour, the nutritional value of the strawberry is also preserved. Freeze drying removes the moisture from the fruit without cooking it. The strawberry powder can also be used to replace sugar where the sweet taste is replaced with natural strawberry flavour and of course it is perfect in our sea moss gels.

We receive our sea moss raw and sun-dried. To make sea moss gel you have to go through the process of soaking, cleaning, cleansing and rinsing. You can find all sorts of things in dried sea moss after it has been soaked, it is one of the most natural products you can eat from the ocean. So the process of making sea moss gel is not taken lightly.

In gel form it is more versatile and can be added to juices, smoothies, sauces, dressings, desserts, soups and can be applied as a face mask. Liquids will turn slightly thick depending on how much sea moss gel is added. We recommend using the plain sea moss gel as a face mask, strawnilla sea moss gel is ideal straight out of the jar and of course in your smoothie.

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