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Wow they really going in big on people now ignoring the rules, personally, I don't blame them too many people taking this ting for joke, people are losing jobs, homes, family members, even if you don't believe in it, just think about others, it's like if you have a sexually transmitted disease, some people sleep around not knowing or even believing they have an STI or even HIV and pass it on to someone else, now is that selfish? Not many people get HIV does it mean it's not real?

I will say just chill out stay at home start a home business, spend more time with your family, read a dam book, listen to music or get fit and go for walks if you are bored to keep your mind occupied, most people are on furlough so don't need to worry about work, and if you have to go to work, wear a dam mask and wash yuh hand dem.

If people had stuck to what was suggested the numbers probably would have gone down quicker and probably would not have needed the vaccine so urgently but a lot of people decided it was a hoax and carried on spreading it, well if it is a hoax please tell that to the families who have lost someone. #covid-19 #covid19