Sharing  Dreams and Struggles Within our Black African Caribbean Community
Sharing  Dreams and Struggles Within our Black African Caribbean Community Oct 17

Sharing Dreams and Struggles Within our Black African Caribbean Community

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We are here to make a difference for our black community. Equality, diversity and inclusion should be for all and not just the privileged.

Blessings Sisters Brothers

Welcome to Pursuit of Happiness CIC presenting to you 5 amazing events during October, dedicated to BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2021

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Guest Speakers - Desmond Clarke Johnny Flowers

Desmond Clarke – Author of Stolen Inheritance

My name is Desmond Clarke, I was born in the British colony of St. Ann Jamaica, in 1953. I came to England as a teenager in 1967, and spent just over a year at a local comprehensive school in Bedford, leaving without sitting a single exam. As a youth, my mother took me to a local Pentecostal Church, before joining the British army at 18. After leaving the army, I worked at a number of jobs, including a factory worker at Vauxhall Motors and a lorry driver. In 1991, I began my academic journey, starting at Bedford College, where I passed my first of many academic exams, including G.C.S.E.s and A Levels, going on to achieve a BA (Hons.) degree at Luton University. This gave me the confidence to engage on a Masters of Arts degree, at De Montfort University, in Social Sciences.

I have continued my journey of self-discovery and intellectual development ever since, as it seems, the more I discover the less I know. Through my learning I have come to realized that the reason why my ancient Afrikan ancestors invented and developed an alphabet and writing, was that their descendants will come to know their history. This has led me to commit myself to research, in order that future generations will come to know themselves and honour their great Afrikan ancestors’ achievements and their contributions to the world.

After successfully completing my MA degree, I was torn between continuing my academic studies or concentrate on writing my first book. The latter won and in November 2019 my first book was published, “Stolen Inheritance”, which explores how the contributions of the Afrikan people have been destroyed, concealed or stolen. It is my hope that this book will challenge, stimulate, inspire and entertain readers, regardless of your views of Afrika and its peoples.

My book was published in 2019, by Austin Macauley Publishers, and can be obtain directly at:, Amazon and many other book stores. The author can be contacted at If you enjoyed reading this book, please share a positive comment and help make it a success.

Desmond will be sharing with us the reasons he wrote his book, Stolen Inheritance.

Johnny Flowers - Business Owner of Ashbrow Garage in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Johnny will be revisiting how The Jamaica National events were started and his involvement with the organisation over the years. He will also be discussing the 1992 riots and how he helped resolve community tensions with the West Yorkshire Police.

Sharing Dreams and Struggles Within our Black African Caribbean Community

We are looking forward to meeting our black African Caribbean community and others from anywhere within the UK and abroad. Being able to converse and share things with others who share the same heritage and ideals is indeed a good way of coming together in unity, solidarity and strength.

We are encouraging our community to strive towards the changes that need to happen along with offering support in any way possible. Lets engage in some quality time and enjoy sharing anything we feel to discuss together, during our regular online sessions.

Systemic and institutional racism along with oppression is and has always been prevalent in the UK regarding our black/brown African Caribbean community residents, this must and has to change now.

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