Discovering Black British History - presentation and consultation
Discovering Black British History - presentation and consultation Oct 16

Discovering Black British History - presentation and consultation

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A timeline presentation of the presence of Black people in Britain, and consultation on further learning for 11-16 year olds

Contrary to popular belief Black people have been in Britain since the Roman times. It's a history that spans hundreds of years - a history that is woven into the very fabric of British culture as we know it today.

Black history is British history and this full narrative needs to be told so that black and mixed-race young people feel inspired, empowered, and included.

Our timeline presentation aims to highlight some of the key black figures and events throughout British history.

We at Black Education Somerset (BES) wish to address the lack of Black British history and culture being taught by offering a learning experience outside of school. We aim to provide a safe space for young people to learn about their heritage, to increase their confidence, sense of identity, and belonging. Therefore, we wish to gather the views and experiences of Black and mixed-race young people aged between 11-16 years, their parents or carers.

Please note that a young person attending must be accompanied by a parent, carer, or appropriate adult.

Prior to attendence we recommend watching the video link lecture below from the University of Birmingham for information on current race and educational issues.

Black Education Somerset

Black Education Somerset currently consists of Susann Savidge and Sharon Stafford, two friends, who feel compelled to address the issue of racism in education so that black and mixed-race young people today have a better experience than their children had growing up in rural Somerset.

Susann Savidge - Learning facilitator

Susann has 21 years experience of race equality work. Susann was a race equality officer for Somerset Race Equality Council, supporting victims of racial abuse and discrimination, and delivering race equality training for statuatory and voluntary organisations.

Currently, Susann is the Chair of the Somerset African Carribean Network, and previously the Chair of People in Harmony, an organisation for mixed-race individuals and families. Susann has been instrumental in developing a range of anti-racism events throughout Somerset.

Sharon Stafford - Learning facilitator

Sharon is an anti-racist ally, campaigner, and educator. She is currently involved in a project producing Black history month resources for Somerset schools. Sharon is a qualified youth and community worker, and therapeutic counsellor but is not currently in practice as she now runs her own business.

16-Oct-2021 - 14:00 Start date
16-Oct-2021 - 16:00 End date
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