Climate Justice for Afrikan People
Climate Justice for Afrikan People Jun 05

Climate Justice for Afrikan People

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An opportunity for Afrikan* people to look at the impact of climate change on Afrika and the Diaspora and suggest the Reparations needed.

We are inviting Afrikan* people from around the world to take part in our discussions on climate justice on World Environment Day, 5th June 2021. Our Key Note Speech is on the Ogoni environmental destruction in Nigeria. There will be presentations on the Role of Youth; Claiming Green Spaces and an Agenda for Change as well as cultural performances and a room with videos. The workshops will provide space for in depth discussions on issues such as Renewable Energy, Deforestation and Eco-System Restoration.

Global Afrikan Congress (GAC) is an international Afrikan Reparations organisation formed after the UN World Conference Against Racism, Durban 2001. This Climate Justice Conference is being organised by GACeurope, a Regional Chapter of GAC. It is part of a series of Prep Conferences which will feed into our international GAC Afrikan Family Gathering.

GAC believes that Afrikan people ‘have a history of using finite resources responsibly, but the encroachment of capitalism, corporate greed, and privatization of resources (land, water, etc.) continues to erode indigenous environmental practices.’ (GAC Bridgetown Protocol, 2002). GAC believes that Reparations for enslavement have to include Reparations for the damage done and being done to our planet. We invite Afrikan people wanting to foster practices that restore and sustain a healthy environment to join us for the Conference and in our work.

* GAC spells Afrika with a “k” instead of a “c”. This spelling is based on the following insights:

- It is a Pan-Afrikan spelling which relates both to the Afrikan continent and to the Diaspora;

- It reflects the spelling of “Afrika” in all Afrikan languages;

- It includes the concept of “ka”, the vital energy which both sustains and creates.

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