My Skin Colour Is Not An Accessory
My Skin Colour Is Not An Accessory Dec 11

My Skin Colour Is Not An Accessory

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There is a huge privilege in adopting things from other cultures to achieve more likes or a bigger following. It's not okay.

Join us for a free evening of conversation to explore how individuals adopt characteristics and aesthetics to manipulate their appearance for racial ambiguity or to appear of Black heritage: Blackfishing.

At the last Lunar Campfire, we had a discussion on the ways in which we digitally protest and encounter race related issues online - especially in relation to social media, performative behaviour, and response to Black Lives Matter. We noticed that another necessary conversation connected to this is the influence that people can hold online, and the problems surrounding that. Our Lunar Residents want to continue this conversation for our next event.

This Lunar Campfire aims to give you space to interrogate the behaviours of those online that hold influence, large following and ‘celebrity’ status, especially in relation to Blackfishing. What are the boundaries for you in terms of what you find acceptable? How is this harmful? How do we hold this accountable and what can we do as digital citizens to adjust behaviour? The conversation will touch on topics such as: the abuse of privilege in relation to Blackfishing, economical impact, beauty standards in relation to colourism, codeswitching, reinforcing stereotypes and real life examples.

What you can expect:

An in-depth, thought-provoking discussion

An engaging activity to get you thinking

Meeting like-minded individuals

An opportunity to gain insight into how you can make a difference online

About Lunar Campfires

Lunar Campfires are a space for young people of colour to shape how we discuss personal identity, culture and representation. This is especially because white privilege is embedded in heritage, discussions of history, and the stories we tell. All events are co-designed with the Lunar Residents - designed by young people of colour FOR young people of colour. These events are now being delivered online via zoom where you can

About Don’t Settle

Don’t Settle is a three-year Beatfreeks project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund which empowers 16-25 year old people of colour in Birmingham and the Black Country to change the voice of heritage through the arts, research, and governance.

Please note: the zoom link will be shared to the email you provide on the day of the event.

11-Dec-2020 - 18:00 Start date
11-Dec-2020 - 19:30 End date
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