Bloom Series 6: We ARE Nature
Bloom Series 6: We ARE Nature Dec 17

Bloom Series 6: We ARE Nature

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The Bloom Series: Session 6 - A sensory, experiential journey to finding nature within and around through movement, breath, and meditation.

This session is a safe space for Black people who are from or live in the borough of Hackney to connect and share nature experiences. This is an opportunity to experientially explore the many ways in which we as Black people connect with nature despite the barriers that we face when accessing some green spaces.

You will need a cup of soil, a cup of water, and the courage to move your body

This session is open to black and mixed race people of African and Caribbean decent only and is aimed at those living in or from the borough of Hackney. If you do not identify with the above we kindly ask that you do not book onto the session in order to maintain a safe space for those the session is intended for.


Dre Ferdinand is a community-based wellness practitioner and a licensed social worker. She is committed to helping communities recover from systemic and intergenerational trauma and move towards self-sufficiency. Within her work, she strives to understand the intersections of food, wellness, and social justice, particularly their relationship to ancestral knowledge and practices. Her practice entails working with healing modalities that connect to four components of life: movement, energy, sound, and soil.


In the context of the current global pandemic and the biggest civil rights movement in modern history, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ we know that many people in our local community and beyond are experiencing challenging times. Although everyone has a right to access nature and we know many people from lesser-heard communities do, we also know that many green spaces and community gardens aren’t always safe spaces for everyone and we want to start to address this. We have felt the benefits that nature and gardening can bring and understand that creating inclusive spaces will make the whole community physically, mentally, socially and politically healthier. After all, diversity is nature’s way!

The Bloom series connects with outstanding Black gardeners, herbalists and other nature facilitators to bring you a series of six online events that will focus on ways that nature can help us to connect with ourselves and each other and bring about a sense of community wellness in challenging times like these. We are looking at ways to cultivate joy and stay well as the seasons change by exploring topics from wellness in nature to storytelling through food. We are so excited to introduce our programme of brilliant speakers and facilitators.

Series curated by Giselle Richelieu of Black Girls Bloom.

17-Dec-2020 - 13:00 Start date
17-Dec-2020 - 14:00 End date
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