UNITY Dec 20


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The Independent United Order of Mechanics (IUOM) “UNITY” Christmas Concert, a free-to-viewers online event.

The concert will be broadcasted via Zoom, Facebook, YouTube and local web carriers within the aforementioned countries listed above.

The show will be presented on Sunday, December 20th, 2020, 2:00-5:00pm EST, hosted by the Public Relations Department under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Roy Reid, OD, Public Relations Director. The event is an International Virtual Concert initiative of the Independent United Order of Mechanics, Friendly Society, Western Hemisphere, Inc.

Additionally, the concert will be an interactive online platform for raising funds for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, of which a percentage of our proceeds will be donated.

Featured entertainers will include world reggae artists Buju Banton, George Nooks, Allison Norville (Barbados), Gem Myers, Winston Francis, saxophonist Mr. Brian Hurst (Grenada), the Jamaica Constabulary Force Band, Jamaican Constabulary Force Choir, Jamaica Military Band and more.

Funds raised through this event will provide for future charitable and philanthropic activities (i.e. educational scholarships, community services and healthcare causes).

20-Dec-2020 - 14:00 Start date
20-Dec-2020 - 17:00 End date
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