Black History Month: Time for Change
Black History Month: Time for Change Oct 19

Black History Month: Time for Change

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Black History Month: Time for Change


Telling Stories, Debating Action, Working for Change

Venue: University Centre Warrington, Time Square.

(Those unable to make the event in-person can join the event online. Please register for the online version of this event.)

This event organised by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Chester commemorates Black History Month with an exciting mix of personal storytelling and academic reflection on what ‘change’ and ‘action’ might mean in the pursuit of racial justice.

There are contributions from external speakers, students, and staff from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.


‘Can discrimination ever be justified? Affirmative action and the struggle for racial equality in the United States’ - Donna Jackson (Senior Lecturer in History, University of Chester)

‘Racism in the Queer community: personal reflections on the intersections of race, religion and queerness’ – Augustine Tanner-Ihm (Minister in the Church of England and an Equality Diversity and Inclusion and Leadership Development Consultant)

‘Exploring the mythology of the ‘white working class’: barriers to action and the need for radical multiracial conceptions of class and justice’ – Joe Rigby (Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Chester)

‘Personal stories about racial inequality in the workplace: time for change’ – Arfarna Ali (MA student and outgoing Race Advocate at the University of Chester)

Who should attend? Members of the public, students and staff interested in coming together to debate racial justice and work for change.

What will I gain from attending? A chance to meet different people, to listen and debate and to learn from others.

19-Oct-2022 - 15:00 Start date
19-Oct-2022 - 17:00 End date
Time Square, Warrington, WA1 2NT
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