Black British Golfers Presents Demystifying Golf
Black British Golfers Presents Demystifying Golf Nov 28

Black British Golfers Presents Demystifying Golf

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Black British Golfers introduces a discussion on how to get into Golf.

Black British Golders is at Pitch London, for a panel led conversation around golf. The event will be an opportunity to address openly any of the real or perceived barriers that exist around the game and that have perpetuated the idea that golf is inaccessible to the Black British community..

The venue is Strictly Over 18

Our Host for the day, Ortis Deley, is a host on Channel 5's The Gadget Show, and has a keen interest in Golf.

Muna Ebongalame is a Senior Customer Relationship Management Technologies leader with a passion for golf and getting young people into sports.

Selene C Jordan is highly accomplished with multiple talents, wearing many hats, including Will writer, Executive Assistant, Radio Presenter, Singer, Actress and Special Constable.  Selene has an innate ability to speak to various people from different walks of life, building relationships and aiding people in making better choices for their lives.  Having recently taken up golf in her spare time, Selene is enjoying a very new experience, taking to it very quickly and enjoying the possibilities it may bring.

George Rourke started playing golf at 10 years old, and for the last 11 years he has held various positions at golf venues in the UK and abroad developing a broad skill set. George’s current position at Awesome Golf sits between technology and golf development with a strong focus on making golf more accessible and more engaging for younger players.

George brings a unique perspective of the golf industry.

Nick German, took up golf at the age of 14 and his first job was helping out in the local pro shop, where the assistant pro at the time was a young, determined and full of dreams Ian Poulter.

He now produces both live golf events (including The Open and Ryder Cup) as well as documentaries for Sky. Nick describes himself as a very average golfer.

Gary Logan is a Manager, Trainer, full-time Coach at BXR London, Pundit, former fighter former MC (believe it or not).

Throughout his professional career spanning over 20 years he amassed 69 victories from 85 contests. As an amateur boxer he won gold medals at both the 1987 Raufoss European Multi-Nation and 1988 London ABA Welterweight Championships.

In 1988 he turned pro under management of the illustrious Micky Duff. During his professional career he achieved 34 wins and 1 draw from 42 contests. Gary is also an avid golfer.

Josh Antman is a Senior Assistant Producer on Sky Sports Golf, host of the Sky Sports Golf Podcast and an avid golfer

28-Nov-2021 - 13:00 Start date
28-Nov-2021 - 17:00 End date
60-64 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AW
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