Join the frontroom online meeting/presentation on 1st Sept 2021 (7.30 pm) to learn more about frontroom.

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Come and learn how to get the best from the frontroom:

We will cover how to get the best from your profile, profile features and sections, your privacy and notification tools, how to jazz up your profile with images, and also the importance of your BIO etc.

You will learn how to create and build your groups, useful for people and networks who want to focus on topics important to them or their community.

You will learn how to create and build your pages, useful for those who run businesses, community organisations, networks, brands, celebrities etc.

We will show you ways to follow people, post correctly and effectively to your news feed.

We will explain why we recommend you post often, comment, and interact with other user's posts to help build and extend your network.

We will show you how to quickly add events, businesses, products & articles which are all very important for the black economy, the black narrative and the community.

We will also discuss building trust, gaining followers, anonymous followers.

We will also discuss ways of sharing content on the frontroom, categorising content to make it easy for other users to find and how sharing your frontroom profile on other platforms is important to the growth of the frontroom.

Finally, we will have a Q&A.

We look forward to seeing you there and if you have anything you would like to add to the training or would simply like to be kept up to date on the frontroom then join our frontroom groups below:





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